I have been photographing these beauties for five years now.  I can not explain how much joy I get from watching my little clients grow, year after year.  With these two, I've seen dance recital outfits, Spring and Fall, and braces come and go…  One is almost taller than me (a feat I think most of my clients will achieve… eventually!)  At any rate, feeling a little sentimental this morning as I put this post together.  Here are the sweet, beautiful inside and out sisters Alison and Meredith.  

Hats are so awesome.  Nearly squealed when mom brought these out at the end of the session!

A side note - Sometimes a picture works well by itself, like below.  And sometimes it works well in a "storyboard," which means it tells a story.  Sometimes you can do either stand alone or a storyboard, like in this case.  So of course I had to post both so you can decide for yourself.