A note about the ever popular CD.

So…  I have been chewing on this for a while.  I've put off writing about it because… frankly… I'm scared.  Digital images are such an important part of portraits these days and I get that, I really do.  And yet…  Just hear me out, friends.

About two years ago I stopped selling JUST THE CD.  I required a minimum amount of print or product to be purchased before the entire CD could even be purchased.  I wanted to be able to hand you, the client, something tangible, something beautiful, something to ooh and aah over, something you can touch and feel with your hands.  

Here's what I have found. 

95% of the time, the CD turns into basically the most expensive coaster you'll ever own.

The best thing clients use their CDs for are albums (love).  

Then there are the "I need it for Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ etc."  

And every once in a while there are the late night phone calls from Wal Mart that make me cringe:  "Um, they need a written consent to print these out."  And I feel like screaming WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING AT WAL MART PRINTING OUT YOUR BEAUTIFUL IMAGES?!?!?!  

Friends.  These images - the ones we have spent countless hours creating together - these images are ART.  These images are moments in time that than can never, ever be captured again.  Do I want them to hold your coffee mug?  Or ever grace the counters of Wal Mart?  Do I think you should have to purchase a high resolution image simply to post it on social media?  The answer is a big, huge, resounding NO.

So, in an effort to 1) meet client needs and 2) streamline business, I am changing things up a bit.

First, if you want to post any and all of our photos on social media or your personal blog, PLEASE DO IT!!  Just ask me to create them for you with a small logo (somewhere non-obtrusive, I promise) and they will be yours for the posting.  The majority of my marketing is done via social media so this is a total win/ win.  

Secondly, if you purchase the rights to your digital images and you don't know where to get them printed, PLEASE ASK ME.  I am beyond happy to help you with this.  www.mpix.com is a great, fantastic, excellent place to start.  

Thirdly - ALBUMS.  Yes, please.  I am all about a gorgeous album.  Starting in January, 2015, all packages will come with a custom, displayable album.  Because I truly believe everyone should have their favorite images in a place where they can see them all the time.  But trust me:  the CD is not that place.

I have also heard fear from clients.  What if your house burns down?  What if your hard drives crash?  I want to have control of those images.  I need a copy to keep safe myself.  To you I say this:

I back up every single picture three times and one of those times is stored at an off-site location.

And I keep them FOREVER.

So fear not.  If your house literally burns down (which has actually happened to a client), I can reprint any and all of your precious memories from yesterday or five years ago.   

Now.  A word about digital images.  Can you still purchase them?  YES.  However, the price tag on them is going up.  Because I truly, truly believe you don't need them.  And this is the only way I know how to convince you of that.  

Two of the three packages offered will include digital images.  NOT ALL OF THEM, but some.  Package B will include ONE image and Package C will include TEN images.  Individual images are also available for purchase, but packages are sold at a discounted rate.  

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Thanks in advance, and I look forward to working with all of you in the new year!