Photography Retreat

A few months ago I had the extremely INSANELY AWESOME opportunity to study under the fabulously talented Barb Uil with Jinky Art.  She is located out of Australia but comes to the U.S. every once in a while to teach some workshops.  This has long been a dream of mine and OH MY HEAVENS PINCH ME it actually came true.  I learned SO MUCH and it was amazing to be surrounded by so much creative talent for a solid weekend.  I have gained some new friends too  - That in itself has been invaluable.  Now I feel like I have community that can encourage me and help me, and hopefully, I can do the same for them.  If you are a photographer and you have the opportunity to go to a retreat, I say GO!!!!!  I am already anxious to go on another one!!!  

With the holiday rush behind me, I have finally been able to work on some of the images from the retreat.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

So now obviously I am very anxious to find an "in" with someone who has lambs and/or sheep.  IF YOU HAVE LAMBS AND/OR SHEEP PLEASE MESSAGE ME!!!!  

Also, you may have noticed I have redirected my work to focus mainly on styled sessions.  This includes everything from assisting you in wardrobe decisions to setting up an entire session designed specifically for you (like the "pillow fight" on the bed above).  

That's all for now - Editing awaits!!  Happy Saturday :)