Happy 2015!!!!!!

Helloooooooo 2015!!!!! Who's ready for a brand new year?!?!! This year comes with all sorts of new exciting things for the biz! Are you ready??? HERE WE GO!!!!!

1) First off, I am going to redirect and start working more towards styled sessions. We'll visit before our session date and brainstorm together to come up with the perfect combination of clothes, location, and accessories. This will create a personalized experience that will offer unique, timeless portraits. 

2) I am also working with a set stylist now who can help you with hair, light makeup (for girls up to 14 years old), and accessories. Christina is DIVINE!!

3) Many people have asked and now it's finally here - PACKAGES! I will now offer package deals (discounted from a la carte ordering). There are four packages and each creates a gallery wall custom designed for your space. What what?? Packages and gallery walls?? Yes please!

4) Portraits will also focus more on children. I am more than happy to take 1-2 family portraits during your session but my skill set lies more with children and I feel that I need to focus on that to do the best job for you. 

5) And finally, I am also working with a Special Needs Coordinator. She came with me last year to help with a family that had yet to achieve the family photos they had dreamed of. Afterwards there were tears of joy. It was such a rewarding experience and one I had no idea there was such a market for. I am super pumped to announce that Suzanne will be joining the team!!! 

Please remember that NOW is the time to book your Spring sessions. Weekends are almost booked already and spaces are limited. 

If you've read this far - THANK YOU!!! Love you so much.