Jennifer McHam is a total pro.  From planning the photo shoot to printing she's a turnkey operation!  Jenny is remarkable with kids too.  She has a way of bringing out the true smile in kids and she always nails "the money shot."  My husband, who rarely thinks of a family photo shoot as "fun," actually said he had a great time at our last session.  That just doesn't happen!  She's magic!  You are in the best hands with Jennifer McHam Photography.  Just take a moment to look through her gallery and you'll be sold too!  - M. D.


Jennifer McHam is the best child photographer I have ever used.  She has truly captured my children's personalities and who they really are!  We have had seven sessions and counting…  She never fails to produce the exact picture you want!  - A. M.


Jenny has taken our pictures for years now and there is no one that can make my kids smile more! She makes photo shoots fun and comfortable, so she is able to truly capture their natural beauty and smiles. Even with props used, she is still able to let the focus of the picture be on our children and not on any extra objects or backgrounds. I cherish the pictures of us that capture those true belly giggles, mischievous smirks and exact shade of baby blues. My children are also extremely fair complected and tend to wash out in pictures.  Jenny never fails to make their pictures come alive though with perfect lighting and coloring!  - C. G.


Jenny McHam is an amazing photographer.  She has captured such beautiful memories for our family and she makes it so easy.  She is calm and laid back and so much fun with our four boys.  She is a natural at bringing out their little personalities!  I am forever thankful for the pictures she has taken and can't wait for the years to come!  - K. F.


After 11 years of searching, God has sent our family a photographer who not only loves Him but has a passion for being behind the camera.  Jenny magically captures precious moments and personalities of the clients before her.  She is truly a joy to work with!  My husband is now absolutely excited about photo shoots and photos because of the way Jenny works her talent behind the camera and the product she delivers!  The moments she has captured for us are PRICELESS!!!  -B. W.