“The eye should learn to listen before it looks.” 
― Robert Frank

I am a natural light photographer, specializing in children's portraiture.  My absolute passion is to capture your child's joy and wonder in an outdoor, laid back setting.  

I aim to create a unique experience for every single client, so before we even break out the camera we'll meet to discuss your goals, visions, and ideas, as well as clothing and prop options.  We may decide to just go meet at a park or your own back yard, or we may design an entire session around a creative aspect specific to your child/ren.  

I have access to a personal style consultant who can do hair and light makeup for your child/ren as well for an additional fee.

When the big day arrives, we’ll meet up and visit a bit before we start shooting.  I love to get to know kids first, find out what makes them tick and what gets them excited.  Please come well rested and fully snacked.  We can always take a little rest or an extra snack break – Remember, this is about having fun!!

If your child is not feeling well, please, please, please consider rescheduling.  You will be much happier with your pictures when they’re feeling better and have that “spark” in their eyes.

Your album should be ready after about three weeks from your photo shoot.  We’ll go over your pictures together and discuss your order.  

***Albums are available for two weeks unless otherwise discussed.